CEO Performance Management for Councils and BoardsThe working relationship between the Mayor or Chair as the leader of the council and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leading the council organisation is one of the most important relationships in local government.

Mayors and CEOs recognise that the breakdown in this relationship can have long-lasting negative impacts on the capacity of a local government to deliver value for services to its community.

The current model of local government in New Zealand establishes each Council is involved with employment issues with only one employee –their CEO. All other decisions on appointments, organisation structure, and remuneration and HR matters are the responsibility of the CEO. What happens over the length of the country, is that Councils are elected on issues of public interest – and quite often democracy fails to deliver particular HR skills and experience.

Similarly boards of trustees often need to carry out HR functions with and for their CEO. Board members and elected members cannot necessarily share their conversations or information with other staff members or files within the organisation.

Inevitably consultants are brought in to assist with negotiations or the review process for one reason or another. Pamela has worked in this area of CEO and Board performance management for over 9 years. She has been on both sides of the fence- as a HR Manager representing management and staff and as Mayor or elected member leading a review committee, sometimes through tumultuous times.

The type of service offered in this area would be:

  • Assist with regular Performance Management Reviews –develop new processes and provide support with face-to-face discussions or negotiations as desired.
  • Establish and review agreed CEO performance goals for best alignment with organisational outcomes.
  • Establish appropriate mentoring and training to optimise performance.
  • Build in 360 degree feedback – for independent viewpoints and reality check.
  • Work with CEO Review Group or wider Council/ Board according to situation.
  • Assistance to review boundaries of governance versus managerial responsibility for teams, divisions, boards, community boards, councils.